1. GPRS Based Machine
  2. Strong battery Back up up 4-5 Hours
  3. Integrated Printer
  4. It is also Called mini ATM Machine
  5. It is cash at POS ( Merchant will get Rs. 5/- on every transaction
  6. For Mini ATM service bank has settled commission structure for merchants
  7. Money Transfer Facility
  8. AEPS ( Aadhar Enabled payment System )
  9. Payment can be transferred from One Aadhar Account to other Aadhar account
  10. You can make payment for all GOVT Bills through this machine
  11. You can make all kinds of recharge prepaid and postpaid through this machine
  12. Company is giving Confirmed commission on all recharges
  13. This machine accept all the cards credit and Debit
  14. We are giving you Mobile app also for this machine, you can use this app for all above transactions
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